360-degree branding for Bruynzeel cosmetic homecare

Bruynzeel cosmetic homecare

There’s a new brand on the cleaning product shelf: From this week, you can find Bruynzeel cosmetic homecare at Albert Heijn. At Zandbeek, we were involved in the development of this new line of cleaning products right from the start. We explored what defines Bruynzeel cosmetic homecare: from positioning to brand identity and from packaging design to campaign communications. The introductory campaign, consisting of a mix of out-of-home, online, TV (billboards) and POS materials, is now live.

Bruynzeel, loving your home

To be able to give the Bruynzeel cosmetic homecare brand a distinctive position in the competitive market, we used our own home-grown method: RootZ©. Jasper van Zandbeek: “This method is based on the principle of authenticity, in which the archetypical ideas of Swiss psychologist and psychiatrist Carl Gustave Jung are key. For Bruynzeel cosmetic homecare, the process led to the archetype ‘Lover’. Which is how we eventually landed on the brand promise: ‘Bruynzeel, loving your home.’”

Alex van Wijk, general manager of Bruynzeel cosmetic homecare: “Bruynzeel has been known for Dutch craftsmanship for over 125 years. Many people know Bruynzeel for its kitchens or floors. The brand has a long tradition in designing these quality products for the home. Bruynzeel cosmetic homecare combines this experience with its knowledge of homecare. It wants people in the Netherlands to have more fun with the necessary and functional activity called cleaning. Because research has shown that a clean house is hugely important to the daily pleasure we derive from our homes. Furthermore, most Dutch consumers have a positive association with the act of cleaning. We used these insights in our branding process with Zandbeek.”

Bruynzeel’s cleaners, problem solvers and maintenance products should be available in various outlets over the course of the year. For more information and an introduction to the entire assortment, check out the official website of Bruynzeel cosmetic homecare at