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Our story begins in 1995. We started out as a corporate communication agency, matured as a content marketing agency and grew into what we are today: a highly driven family business with award-winning creativity at its beating heart.


We find, tell and spread the stories that make your brand so unmistakably your own. We make sure your brand stands out above the torrent of information fired at us indiscriminately every day. Our mission is to ensure that your story does not face the same fate as the vast majority of all commercial content: complete obscurity.

Noblesse oblige

Curious about what our top asset is? It is a highly driven family of creative storytellers and strategic prodigies. Single-minded specialists with a can-do attitude, with ears close to the ground and their heads often in the clouds. We go through fire and water together to help our clients and promote our ideas. Together, we fight against mediocrity. Because that is what we detest at Zandbeek.

Full service, full power en full funnel

We like to break down boundaries, reject all forms of pigeonholing and banish a few sacred cows. It is not about presenting an organisational chart, but about creating an emotional connection between your brand and your target audience. It is why we advocate an integrated approach. Through the entire funnel and with a starring role reserved for authentic stories. Stories that deserve to be heard. That seduce or inform. That confront or inspire. That move people and convert them. From positioning to design. From concept to campaign. And from commercial to audio story.

Zandbeek. The Full Story© for your brand

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The Full Range


Strategy, naming, identity, (re)design.

Campaigns & programs

Strategy, concept, (social)media distribution.

Content & production

Video, audio, photography, illustration, copywriting.


We are proud to find, tell
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