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The full story for Bruynzeel

Believe it or not, most people in the Netherlands enjoy cleaning. Based on that insight, we spent four years working intensively on the development of Bruynzeel cosmetic homecare. To be able to give the brand a distinctive positioning on the market, we used our own method: RootZ©. This method is founded on the principle of authenticity, whereby the archetypical ideas of Swiss psychologist and psychiatrist Carl Gustave Jung are key. For Bruynzeel cosmetic homecare, the process led to the archetype ‘Lover’. For Bruynzeel, we therefore created a unique package: from brand identity to packaging design and from sales presentation to campaign communications. From December 2023, everyone in the Netherlands can try this new Lover’s brand: on the shelf at Albert Heijn. Supported by a glittering campaign that shines in simplicity. Because that’s what we like.

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Alex van Wijk, general manager Bruynzeel cosmetic homecare

"Zandbeek provides all-inclusive quality"
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Bruynzeel cosmetic homecare brandbook

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