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The Full Story for NHA

During WWII, Harrie Frencken was a teacher. Shortly afterwards, he picked up his old hobby: radio technology. He developed a course and started selling copies, made on a stencil machine he rented from some priests in his hometown. Which is how the first NHA home study came to be.

Fast forward 75 years: the third generation of the Frencken family is at the helm of the business. Over 2 million people have now done one of their 600 courses or training programmes. And if we can do anything to help, millions more will follow! Luckily, we can. We support NHA with just about everything that defines the brand: from brand identity to marketing campaigns to magazines and online video series. So, we can put a great big check mark next to “continuity”.

TV commercial ‘Professional organizer’ (2023)

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NHA tv-commercial knuffel

TV commercial ‘Pastry chef’ (2023)

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NHA tv-commercial banketbakker

Rob Frencken, Directeur NHA

Making plans and brainstorming with Zandbeek feels like coming home.
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NHA thuisstudies huisstijl
NHA welkom

TV commercial ‘Korea’ (2020)

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TV Commercial still NHA - Dit is jouw tijd
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Casemovie still NHA - Dit is jouw tijd


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