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The Full Story for Rijkswaterstaat

Rijkswaterstaat is the executive organization of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. Research shows the Dutch are unaware of the variety of work Rijkswaterstaat is involved in. Best known are the notorious road works that cause delays. Not exactly a popular story in the most densely populated country in the EU. In an attempt to engage the Dutch audience, the Newsroom project was born. The Newsroom is not a traditional website but a network. Working from different locations, a multidisciplinary editorial team identifies and publishes remarkable stories on a daily basis. The Newsroom is the birthplace of successful social video formats such as #HOEDAN? (#HOW?), Wilde Wegen (Wild Ways) and Ingezoomd (Close up). A data visualization on litter in the North Sea, travel series or a drone video about the impact of recent floods are other typical productions from the Newsroom team. The multi-year program was awarded a European Excellence Award in 2021.

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