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The Full Story for Rijkswaterstaat

The executive branch of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management has been working relentlessly on creating a safe, liveable and accessible Netherlands for more than 220 years. The enormous social importance of Rijkswaterstaat, however, is far from common knowledge. We help them to tell and spread their important story.

We have been working together on hundreds of programmes and projects for almost 25 years. From crisis communication to information campaigns. And from an online video series to promoting the Afsluitdijk internationally as a model of Dutch hydraulic engineering.

In 2020, Rijkswaterstaat awarded us a fourth consecutive framework contract.

Rijkswaterstaat bouwwerker
Rijkswaterstaat lasser
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"We have been pitting ourselves against the untamed forces of the sea for many centuries. We have constructed dunes, dams and dykes to curb the roaring North Sea. And even plugged holes with our fingers! Fortunately, Rijkswaterstaat also strengthens our coastline every year with about 12 million cubic metres of sand to ensure it remains in place and in top condition."
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Rijkswaterstaat projecten
Rijkswaterstaat project Zwaan

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