Corporate film for Swiss laser pioneer Synova

Synova corporate film

What happens when you harness the element of water to tame the power of light? As a pioneer in laser technology, the Swiss-based Synova knows better than anyone what this synergy brings about. By combining the supreme elements of water and light, they have developed a revolutionary cutting technology: the Laser MicroJet®.

This cylindrical, hair-fine laser beam is unique, and one of its kind. It enables cutting, drilling and milling without thermal damage or particle build-up. And thanks to this innovation, the laser expert from Switzerland is able to tackle the most complex cutting and machining challenges. From jet engines and semiconductors to wristwatches and diamonds; Synova’s waterjet-guided laser technology is (literally) shaping every sector.

In a new corporate video for the Swiss laser expert, we capture the unique synergy between two powerful elements. We produced these in close collaboration with Veldkamp Stories. For this, we traveled to Synova’s head office in Dullier, Switzerland. From this facility, they develop and produce their most advanced laser systems.

The result? A powerful corporate video, elaborated in three variations of different lengths, so that they can be easily shared anywhere. Watch the film below:

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Synova corporate film
Synergy of Water & Light
Synova SA – Corporate Video