A campaign for Baker Tilly in which storytelling plays a key role

Baker Tilly

Now is the time. The time for entrepreneurs to take new steps with their company. The time for young professionals and starters to choose for themselves when they switch jobs. It is also the time for Baker Tilly to support these two groups. We developed the overarching concept ‘Now is the time’ for the accountancy and consulting office and are using it for the branding as well as job market campaign.

The entrepreneur operates in a rational, data-driven market. However, the decisions made by an entrepreneur about his/her company often are of an emotional nature. For example, choosing a new successor, integrating sustainability or setting a new direction. It is precisely at these times that we come in. Through means of storytelling using three radio spots, we touch an emotional chord in a timespan of just 20 seconds. This way we not only show that Baker Tilly is there for the entrepreneur, but also that it truly understands the issues entrepreneurs struggle with. This is exactly what differentiates Baker Tilly from its competitors.

We also provide room for personal stories in the job market campaign. Baker Tilly sees that the new generation of professionals values work differently. Is the ‘hustle culture’ dead? No, it has simply acquired a different form. One in which employees manage their own schedule. This is why we developed a social campaign in which we created a series of videos with Baker Tilly employees for potential employees. The focus is on experiences that clearly show that Baker Tilly devotes attention to an employee’s work as well as personal life. The visual style is in line with the corporate campaign: recognisable and authentic.