A solid foundation for VAN AKEN

VAN AKEN herpositionering

In 2022, we started working on the repositioning and visual identity of the renowned engineering and architecture firm VAN AKEN. With clients like ASML and Rabobank, their total designs can be admired everywhere. Our home base of Eindhoven also has buildings designed by them, with icons like De Bakermat and De Kennedytoren. But the existing (visual) communication needed an update.

We therefore developed a new brand positioning and related visual identity which do justice to the VAN AKEN philosophy, with their unique vision on engineering and architecture. Because for VAN AKEN, a building is more than a pile of stones. And a design is more than a checklist to be ticked. They take an integrated approach to every project – the ultimate collaboration between engineers and architects.

The result? A single (visual) identity, complete with an internal and external communication plan with a wide range of resources. A solid foundation for the next chapter of VAN AKEN. Because even after VAN AKEN’s announcement in January about its planned takeover by Sweco, we are still providing them with communication advice. Including public relations, stakeholder and internal communication in the run up to the completed merger.