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NRO Kennisrotonde video's

Answers to scientific educational questions within 60 seconds. With the Kennisrotonde, we make that possible. And attractive. We recently developed 6 brand new videos about and for education, in which we answer scientific questions in an accessible and amusing way for professionals in the field. In this way, we help Dutch education progress.

The Kennisrotonde is a service of the Netherlands Initiative for Education Research (NRO). A unique centre where questions about youth and education are answered based on research. Everyone can submit questions in the Kennisrotonde. For example, staff in primary education, secondary (special) education, adult education or staff in the youth sector. Supported by scientific insights, they help these professionals make the right choices in practice.

In each video, a presenter answers the question asked using fun animations. The result? Manageable knowledge in a professional form. All within one minute. Enjoy the videos below.

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NRO Kennisrotonde Schooltijden
NRO Kennisrotonde
Do different school times lead to better grades?