Rediscovering the terraced house, thanks to funda data

Funda Alles op een rijtje woonconcept

If anyone has insight into the wishes of home seekers in the Netherlands, it’s funda. With over 4.5 million active visitors every month, funda has a unique insight into housing demand in the Netherlands. That funda data reveals a mismatch between demand and available housing. And we were given the opportunity to do something about it!

So, what is that mismatch? Nowadays, homes under €300,000 are the most popular, although the average price is still around €400,000. That mismatch is also reflected in the desired size of homes. Although small homes up to 75 m2 are the most sought after, they only constitute 14% of the homes on offer. Furthermore, interest in homes with up to 2 rooms is high, but supply is low (6%).

The Dutch icon

In the Netherlands, many terraced houses are still being built, just like in the 1960s. Unsurprisingly, they have become a typical Dutch icon. If you were to line up all the terraced houses in the Netherlands, you could build a street from Eindhoven to Beijing. And yet the composition of families has changed and become more diverse over the decades. From single-parent families to large, blended families, and from single starters to single seniors. So, terrace houses do not always reflect the needs of the Dutch population.

All lined up

Time to build homes as diverse as the housing requirements of their future occupants! Homes that people in the Netherlands really want. Together with 5 Architects and Dingeman Deijs Architects, project developer Van Wijnen developed the housing concept: ‘Alles op een rijtje’ (‘All lined up’). Based on the funda data, the designs and relevant information about the housing market, Zandbeek developed a joint message for all parties involved: we want to build homes that people in the Netherlands really want. That message became the basis for an inspiring presentation during the launch event, with associated images, press release, press relations line and media approach.

The result? A well-founded story which receives the attention it deserves.