Historic rebranding for founding client Vebego

Vebego rebranding mockup

In 2021 we embarked on the biggest branding operation in the history of Vebego, the national and international family business with nearly 40,000 employees. We developed a completely new brand identity and architecture, with a single logo that will be used by all Vebego companies within three years. The new style and brand architecture are part of Vebego’s ambition to be jointly recognised as a single brand by customers and employees, and thus achieve more social impact. Under the motto ‘One Vebego’, the company is undergoing a transformation from 130+ to 11 companies and 1 brand: a single brand strategy.

Vebego rebranding logo

The decision to use a single brand is a logical consequence of Vebego’s strategic ambition. The logo and the new corporate identity radiate accessibility and humanity, which seamlessly reflect what Vebego is today. In 2024, the organisation will consist of 11 big companies with 1 brand name in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands which, with tens of thousands of employees, are leading in cleaning, care, facilities management and landscaping. 

‘We are very proud of Vebego’s new identity and style. It’s simple, accessible, human and warm,’ says Ton Goedmakers, CEO Vebego. ‘The step to 1 overarching brand also strengthens our strategic decision to grow and make even more impact. It helps us achieve a strong positioning towards society, the job market and clients.’ 

Our collaboration with Vebego dates from 1995: the family business is the founding client of our company. A long-term, sustainable relationship that has continued for two generations. And that makes us rather proud.