It all started with a new logo

Key visual - Ik ben een Zandbeker

After almost three decades we thought it was time to express how proud we are that Zandbeek is a family business. And that meant a new logo. We opted for a contemporary interpretation of the archetypal logo: a family coat of arms. But that is far from the only thing we have been working on over the past months…

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It may be hard to imagine, but there is almost nothing more difficult for an agency than the process of positioning and rebranding your own business. If you are not careful, every Tom, Dick and Harry is keen to have a say, inundating you with a litany of well-intentioned advice and designs. Moreover, even if you finally know what and how you want it, your clients always come first. A legitimate reason to shift the deadline again and again. Therefore running the real risk that such a project unintentionally develops into the biggest, most frustrating and money-consuming exercise ever.

As you can imagine, it is a scenario we were keen to avoid. So we decided to proceed just as we would for a client: we gathered a small group of dedicated toppers from inside and outside our own organisation. Each with his or her own role and area of expertise. In brainstorming sessions we conceived potential ideas and then in sprints worked them out. Starting with a new corporate identity, including a new logo.

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Jasper van Zandbeek, Fleur van Zandbeek, Violette van Zandbeek

Jasper, Fleur and Violette van Zandbeek. Photo: Tycho Merijn Roest.

But, of course, for a new positioning, more is needed: it requires a good story. And in our case this means the entire narrative: The Full Story©. We find, tell and spread the stories that make a brand so unmistakably your own. And we see it as our mission to ensure that our stories do not face the same fate as the vast majority of all commercial content: complete obscurity.

That is why we advocate a full funnel approach of branding, communication and marketing. From positioning to content production and distribution, and with a starring role reserved for authentic stories. Stories that deserve to be heard. Stories that inspire and inform. And which resonate with the right people. Online and offline. So let us put our heads together and write the next chapter of your brand or organisation!