You’ll never laugh when you don’t tickle yourself!

MT1000 3e plek

But of course we are really doing our work for our customers. Their votes resulted in a third-place ranking for Zandbeek on the MT1000 list that ranks the top customer-oriented marketing companies in the Netherlands. But is a third-place ranking enough to get you into the newspaper or not?

Zandbeek congratulates Zandbeek

We put all modesty aside for once. We considered this announcement too important not to pay any attention to it. But it’s a little bit like bicycle racing: in surveys of this nature all attention is focused on number one. So we needed to look for a practical solution. We did that by placing a full-page advertisement in the economics section of the NRC, a Dutch daily newspaper. In this advertisement we made fun of ourselves using tongue-in-cheek copy. Because we can of course be proud, but we cannot let it go to our heads!

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MT1000 NRC advertentie

About the survey

The survey to determine the most valued service providers in the Netherlands was carried out independently by the University of Amsterdam under contract to MT/Sprout magazine.