Seven new colleagues

Zandbeek nieuwe medewerkers

The Full Family welcomes new members. Amber Vermeij, Anne Rombouts, Daphne Betten, Eva Lampe, Yenthe van den Wijngaart en Zjeraar Wolfs are joining the team.

Eva Lampe

Junior project manager Eva Lampe is a perfect fit for our young and enthusiastic Team nonprofit. Here she will help create effective and important communication tools for one of our oldest and biggest partners: Rijkswaterstaat.

Amber Vermeij

Our friends at Rijkswaterstaat will secretly not consider Amber a new member of the team, but the project manager has now finally officially joined Zandbeek. She’ll continue to do what she does best: supporting our nonprofit department in multiple projects.

Zjeraar Wolfs

Zjeraar Wolfs will join our team strategy as a junior strategist. With a masters degree in Marketing Management already in his possession, Wolfs will sink his teeth into our clients branding and positioning challenges.

Yenthe van den Wijngaart

Zandbeeks social and video team keeps on growing as well. The newest member of the team is creative producer Yenthe. She will focus on producing and editing video content, as well as supporting team social.

Anne Rombouts

Content creative Anne Rombouts has a special set of qualities. As an illustrator with a bachelors degree in Dutch, she’s uniquely qualified to bridge to gap between our copywriters and our visual artists. Which is exactly what she’ll do.

Juliëtte Lehmann

Receptionist Juliëtte Lehmann is a true Eindhovenaar who you can always count on for a good conversation. Or share an espresso macchiato with. With those interests it shouldn’t come as a surprise that she found her groove at Zandbeek in record time. First impressions are everything, and that’s why we’re so happy to have Juliëtte at our front desk.

Daphne Betten

Zandbeek is moving up. And nobody shows that movement like our new motion designer Daphne Betten. A few months ago she starting adding new flavors to our ever-growing social and video team. Fun fact: She’s not only a sharpshooter in animation. In her free time she’s also great at archery!