Will the next crisis be an IT crisis?

Header contentcampagne YaWorks

What if the cloud suddenly stops working? This question is central to the content campaign we developed for IT company YaWorks. In a riveting audio thriller with the unsurpassed Greg Shapiro as ‘The Donald’, a vision story and an expert interview, we look for answers. The campaign is now visible (and audible) via and

YaWorks is a specialist in the field of digital infrastructure, as they renew legacy systems. The impact of such outdated systems is enormous. For example, there still are universities and hospitals that work with Windows ’95, and are hacked easily. Because of our reliance on the cloud, such legacies pose a major risk to public security. But how do we convince IT decision makers of the danger of old digital infrastructures?

In a blood-curdling audio story, we take you to a dystopian world where Donald Trump pulls the plug on the cloud after his reelection. Suddenly, we can no longer pay anywhere, traffic systems fail and panic breaks out. This chaos can only be prevented in one way: with know-how to design, build and innovate digital infrastructures – the core business of YaWorks. And in collaboration with NRC XTR, we created a content dossier. Everything to emphasize the importance of the right digital infrastructure.